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ComPet is a Free-to-play, Role-Playing RPG, Multiplayer Game featuring turn-based battle.

From the creators of Entropia Universe comes a turn-based battle game where you collect and train a vast array of pets to compete head-to-head with opponents worldwide. Outwit your foes with strategic combinations of abilities that carry you to victory! Play for fun or as a ‘cash-gamer’ as you hoard wealth and grow your estate.

Intuitive gameplay lets you jump right in, yet Compet is hard to master. Achieve dominion by expanding your library of combat skills or questing to gain experience and get that edge!


- Challenge players Worldwide for Rank, Honor and Real cash!

- Face your friends in Private Duels.

- Research and Master an extensive library of Magical abilities.

- Discover Winning Combinations to achieve Victory in The Arena!

- Build up your estate from a tiny collection of buildings to a Thriving Village bustling with pets!

- Defend your precious Village against Invaders.

- Collect Weird and Wonderful Pets!

- Steal Gold and Diamonds from players in Raids!

- Embark on Mystical Quests and gather Treasures.




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